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Svelte Sencha

Svelte Sencha

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Some people worship Mother Nature. Me, I drink her. Our Japanese Svelte Sencha is a backbone-strong, soil-of-the-earth green tea.

This tea starts with a subtle, quiet temperament, like the calm before the storm. But with every sip you taste the flavor a bit more, getting closer and closer to the moment you’ve been anticipating. The more the tea cools, the deeper it seeps into your tongue.

Tasting notes

Some green tea snobs say that sipping a cup of Svelte Sencha reminds them of tasting chestnuts, sweet potato and edamame. Others have reported tasting a tidal wave splash against the back of their mouth.


~ Pure Sencha green tea 
    Single cultivar: Sae Akari [limited edition!]


Good for you

~ Rich in Vitamin C, an effect of steaming the Sencha tea leaves after harvest.

~ Packed with L-theanine, which helps relieve stress and evoke a sense of relaxation.

~ Plus a moderate amount of caffeine – enough to spark your energy and elevate your mood, but without the strong jolt of coffee.

~ You'll also find her chalked full of antioxidants to help fight free radicals, decrease inflammation and boost your immune system.

~ The blend of all these elements gives green tea her known ability to influence brain function, namely reducing anxiety and improving memory and attention. (Phytomedicine Journal, 2017)


She grows in bright, bright sun, as expressed by her cultivar name Sencha Sae Akari, or Clear Lightin the mountainous slopes of the Kawashima-san farm in the southwest highlands of Shizuoka, Japan. This farm just celebrated its 100th anniversary! They grow their tea in well-draining, pristine mountainside soils where the average elevation reaches 450-600 ft (150-200m). Their farming secret: making their own liquid fertilizer to encourage the health of endemic microbes in the soil.

The Shizuoka prefecture is one of the most prominent tea plantation regions in Japan, and I dare say the highest quality. The world’s finest tea comes from Shizuoka. Their long history of tea cultivation dates back to the 1200s.

How to brew Svelte Sencha tea like a true green tea snob

spoonful green tea  1 tsp TEA |

fresh cool water       6 OZ WATER, filtered

teapot steeping green tea  170 DEGREES | STEEP 60-90 sec.

fresh cool water        1 splash COOL WATER to suit your taste

enjoy sipping green tea   Enjoy!

Then re-steep your tea leaves throughout the day – each time with a tad less water, and for a tad longer. More value. More green tea pleasure!

2-oz package (makes ~20 cups)

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