Why green tea?

So, so many reasons for one to drink this voluptuous morning dew... 

why green tea?
  1. Green tea's catechins function as anti-inflammatory and anticancer agents
  2. These antioxidants also help cell repair
  3. Its skin-protective qualities keep my skin youthful 
  4. It's known to inhibit cognitive impairment
  5. Sipping green tea prevents and eases coughs and colds
  6. Green tea has higher polyphenol content than black tea
  7. Green tea contains the highest levels of L-theanine, which helps reduce anxiety and improve brain function.

    But tbh I learned about all these bedazzled benefits of sipping green tea only AFTER I fell in love with green.

    There's only 1 — scratch that, 2 true reasons that drink green tea:

    green tea for 2, zen tea garden
    1. I love the taste of green tea in my mouth.

    2. I cherish the energizing yet pacifying role it plays in my life.

    Let's face it, some days I simply need a good reason to wake up in the morning.

    Is this a testament to how much I love tea? Or to how dull my life is and has become during pandemic quarantine days. There are literally nights that I fall asleep looking forward to nothing more than choosing which kind of green tea I’m about to brew for myself when I wake up in the morning. Some days this is the happiest thought I’ve thought all day.

    Am I alone here, or does anyone else fall asleep thinking of tomorrow morning’s first cup of fresh green?

    Please drop me a note. I'd love to hear why green is your favorite color of tea too!