Why drink green tea? Why write about drinking green tea?

green tea and writing
3 reasons

1. To learn more about me

To be honest, I need to gain some clarity about my own thoughts – on tea and on life. And what better way to find out than to stare into the bottom of a lucid cup of green tea and see them, right there, sometimes floating and sometimes settled in the bottom. Stare awhile, then write, then take the next step in life. Because one never quite knows what they think until they read what they’ve said! (Tribute to Flannery O’Connor here.)

2. Pure love

I just love the taste. It’s that simple. I love the sweet umami taste of a pure and quickly steeped Guokuro green tea, some days more than life itself. Some nights I go to sleep dreaming about which green tea I’ll steep and sip when I wake up in the morning. I cherish the presence of tea in my life every day and the role it plays. A leading role. Lead with tea!

3. You

I want green tea to play a role in your life too. An energizing role, a pacifying and calming role, an enlightening role. Whatever the role, I want you to know green tea in your life. Call it a mad obsession, call it what you will, but I have this secret thing about needing to know who else drinks green tea — who loves it, what their favorite kind is, and what they love about it. My brain cells smile from left to right every time I bump into someone else on this green earth who shares my love for its delicate green powerful sweetness. And so I’m hoping fellow tealovers will find me and share with me here.

And this, my dear friends and fellow tea lovers, is why I sip green tea.

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