Be Brilliant Anyway

Be Brilliant Anyway

Step into the sunlight.
Eat greasy, salty hash browns.
Sit on soft, cushy, overstuffed sofas.
Drink over-steeped Sencha when you heart’s already over pumping.
Call your mom when there’s no reason.
Call your old coworker when you need nothing.
Listen to sad sensitive music when you should be working.
Make connections anyway.
Be Brilliant anyway.
Be Brave anyway.

Let the sunlight blind you with its yellow.
Let yourself be surrounded by dark.
Be bright anyway.
Be brilliant anyway.

Let yourself be tired.
Let yourself say No.
You can be curious about guinea-pig ice cream without tasting it, it’s ok.

People will do dumb shit.
Be smart anyway.

People will do dark things.
Let yourself be light anyway.

People will do unkind things.
Let yourself do kind OR unkind things;

Let yourself make the choice. Either is ok.
Both are condoned, in my Universe.

Accept your own Kindness;
Accept your own Unkindness;
Just give yourself permission to choose your own response.

Choose Love.

Choose disgruntled disappointment.

Choose anger.

Choose quitting.

Choose succeeding.

Choose staying.

Choose saying No.

Choose saying Yes.


Be Brilliant anyway.
OR be dark anyway.

Be either.
Just be true.

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