5 Green Tea Drinkers You Would Not Have Guessed

5 Green Tea Drinkers You Would Not Have Guessed
HINT: It's not just for the Gwyneth Paltrows anymore!

Green tea – it’s not just for the good girls anymore. It’s for the bad girls, and the tough girls. For the bad boys, and the politicos.

1. Tough girl

Naomi Osaka green tea ice cream
After the Serena storm played out on the world tennis stage, how did the newly reigning US Open champion Naomi Osaka want to celebrate her tainted but well-earned, life-changing victory? You guessed it…
really want to eat green tea ice cream right now, so hopefully my life can change to eat green tea ice cream!

Ready for a break from her disciplined no-carb, boiled-chicken & broccoli training regimen!


2. Good girl/bad girl

Sports Illustrated Olivia Culpo green teaSports Illustrated Olivia Culpo

Former Miss Universe turned Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Olivia Culpo attributes her gorgeous, glowing, always-looking-sun-kissed skin to the mighty antioxidant power in a cup of green:

    If you drink green tea for a full day, I promise you'll notice you're actually glowing. There's so much vitamin C in it and it's great for helping you to detox.

    No Matcha latte or fancy preparation for Culpo, she advises to kick off your day with a straight classic cup of green tea. Culpo aspires to follow in the footsteps of other SI models who have gone on to become ‘more than just pretty faces' but business moguls who've gone on to do much more with their platforms.” Here’s to you and your green-tea beauty AND brains, Olivia!


    3. Bad boy

    Rapper-singer-songwriter-actor Drake of The Bad Boy Legacy puts his money where his mouth is, fronting a sizable investment in hyper-trendy MatchaBar cafés in Brooklyn and LA. It may be only a sliver of Drake's estimated $100M net worth, but it's already luring more musicians and musician wannabees to the wellness trend. Started from the bottom now he here.


    4. Good girl turned bad (and Drake fan)
    Kourtney Kardashian green tea over coffee

    Kourtney Kardashian is not shy about admitting her preference for green tea over coffee – or about most anything else for that matter. She'll enjoy a "hot green tea latte in the late morning or early noon," and "a cup with honey and a little splash of almond milk … at a restaurant." Sip on, Kourtney!


    5. Politico

    Illinois gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker showed up with former President Barak Obama at Caffe Paradiso in Urbana. His order? A cup of green tea. He must have heard the green tea rumors about zen and mental clarity – which he’ll need a lot of to succeed at his plan to repeal & replace Trump, and to uphold & improve the Affordable Care Act. Good luck, Pritzker. Steep on! 


    America’s favorite girl 

    And yes, no surprise here… natural beauty Gwyneth Paltrow revealed her romance with Matcha lattes on Instagram nearly three years ago, and the drink has zoomed in popularity ever since.

    Robert Downey Jr called and says he loves you too, Gwynethgreen tea heart

    Gwyneth Paltrow matcha tea latte


    So be good or bad, sporty or smart. Whether your aim is to overthrow the presidency or to don a black catsuit, I’m not here to judge. Steam your Matcha latte or steep your simple cup of Dragonwell. Just please drink your green. Join the craze.


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